antimicrobial Copper

If it has the mark, it is continuously killing pathogenic microbes
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Antimicrobial Copper possesses highly antimicrobial effect when used in the touch-surface.

99.9% of the pathogens are killed within 2 hours on it, and its effect continues almost forever because it is the natural and intrinsic copper’s property. Copper is the only solid material approved to claim the antimicrobial effect by EPA. Also, because it is the natural material, it is absolutely safe for anybody, especially friendly to the small children and elders who may not have enough resistance to disinfectants and tend to develop allergy to chemical materials.

Therefore, using antimicrobial copper as touch-surfaces where everybody touches and transmits the infections, such as door-knobs along with normal infection control protocols such as hand-washings and sterilization control, can reduce the number of pathogens in the hospital.

Here are UNION CORPORATION's copper alloy (brass) Antimicrobial Cu+ product line-ups.

Our copper alloy products in the standard line-ups are not antimicrobial, since those are all coated with translucent resin to keep its glossy appearance.
Each product in our Cu+ line is delivered uncoated to function as the antimicrobial touch-surface.

Delivery is made in about 1 month after the order is placed.
There are many other copper alloy products (mainly brass) available

  • 1Door Handle-1
  • 2Door Handle-2
  • 3Door Handle-3
  • 4Door Handle-4
  • 5Lever Handle-5
  • 6Lever Handle-6
  • 7Lever Handle-7
  • 8Lever Handle-8
  • 9Lever Handle-9
  • 10Lever Handle-10
  • 11Lever Handle-11
  • 12Lever Handle-12

Uncoated door-handles will be tarnished into caramel color as in the left.
Please polish them with soft fabrics.
In order to make it glow again, use the metal-polisher readily available in the groceries.
Do never use wax, paints, lacquer (including chemically composed ones), on the surface of Antimicrobial Copper alloys Natural tarnishing varies by condition, but antimicrobial effect is not lost by tarnishing.

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