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Union Policy

Design & craftsmanship
Creating quality goods that stand the test of time.

UNION was founded in 1946. While actively absorbing information regarding American and European building and design in the period after the war, we boldly pursued advancements in manufacturing. We are proud to have quickly adopted such materials as glass, as well as original colors, in a field of manufactured goods in which, until then, the mainstream had been single colored metals. The number of door handle items has increased now to over 2000 kinds because in agreeing to meet the special requests of architects we refined our own abilities. And yet there has been no sacrifice in our craftsmanship.

The reason is that we believe only quality goods steeped in the study of technic, material and design evoking the needs of the age will stand the test of time. The general idea of design, which passed through aspects of various periods and became confused, is given a fresh start from an arts and crafts group called UNION, which conveys the warmth of the creator and Japanese traditional sense of beauty while being impacted by Western modern design. This mission and vision infuse our concept of Artware.

Devotion to attain Vision
Devotion to Artistic Quality.
Devotion to new ideas & beautiful designs.
Devotion to accumulation of specialized knowledge and the proliferation of new ideas.