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Partnership & Mecenat
Joining hands creates new power.

For example, beginning with the architect, holding talk sessions with other minds as a means of collaboration. Or raising young creators to shoulder future space culture. . . To create space in a variety of locations that anybody can pleasantly enjoy. UNION partnerships and efforts are continuously expanding.

Exhibitions & events

We use Atelier UNIONTokyo and Atelier UNION Osaka as spaces to hold a variety of exhibitions and events. For example, inviting architects, ergonomics researchers, artisans, craftsmen and people engaged in a manufacturing to aaca talk sessions.

In addition in 2003 we held the "Le Corbusier Graphic Works " exhibition.Here, too, the artistic network that UNION fosters comes to life.

UNION foundation for ergodesign culture

Established in 1994 for the promotion and improvement of spatial design culture. We raise and lend recognition to young artists through the holding of design competitions, financial aid for international exchange activities and research study regarding space molding design.
Than April 1, 2013, UNION foundation for ergodesign culture has gone into Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.