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Union Policy


UNION--inventing hardware that invigorates the city environment and is utilized in the interior and exterior of any kind of architecture. All of our manufactured goods, beginning with our door handles, are created with the aim of further developing space culture and pleasant encounters of people with space. We prize primarily a sense of beauty on the level of the creator's for each manufactured good to be realized in the aesthetic sense of the user and for 'Artware' to act on the entire space. And second, we prize craftsmanship which does this in form without waste.

We are particular about the material, particular about the tools, and particular about artistic dexterity. In addition to calling it manufactured goods, we would like this sense of beauty and craftsmanship to be called Art as well. All of UNION's thoughts and actions are Art and all manufactured goods are Artware. Each time our spirit and manufactured goods are utilized in architecture another space is brightened and more hearts are enriched. This is our wish at UNION.