Corporate Profile

Union Policy

To an approximation of life, to the distant world.

UNION is continuing the challenge to be new in the future without changing the essence of the manufacturing. Yet that is never the thrust of existent manufactured goods. First to understand the needs of the place and climate and allow the know-how we harbor to harmonize and evolve. For the true love of manufacturing. So that we ourselves can advance one step further.

Development in the fields of welfare, medical care and general housing

Accumulated mainly in public facilities and commercial buildings we gather tangible and intangible know-how and techniques from a multitude of directions In the future we'll enter into the fields of security, welfare, medical care and general housing while further advancing efforts related to barrier-free and universal design as well as environmental problems. Still more, the heart of UNION's delicate manufacturing can actually be felt in the place where life is imminent.

Strengthen Asia with our Singapore office as a base

In 2002, we set our sights on the huge market in China and established an office in Singapore. The system to strengthen the sales strategy in China and Southeast Asia was completed. In addition, UNION's sales agent in America exports mainly door handles. With the aim toward a worldwide UNION we have the Near and Middle East as well as Europe in our sights for expansion in our field.