Corporate Profile


Return to the origin, approach the world.

I visited the U.S. for a potentially new product and it was sometime in 1973 that I encountered closet doors. 30 years from then and again an urge to attempt something new swelled up inside me. That's the origin of the establishment in 2002 of our Shanghai office. We're planning to establish a base in the Middle East and Europe and most likely the theme of such an overseas strategy will be how best to promote the beauty of Japanese tradition. In addition it can be thought of as a potential for us to invent completely new merchandise which fuse our designs with the unique characteristics of the land. The field of UNION is expanding greatly in this way therefore I think a return to the origins of manufacturing is important. Once in the past when visiting the U.S. an American picked up a UNION product and likened it to something precious. "Amazing!" he exclaimed, "I've never seen such a design--it's like a jewel!"

We, who were influenced by Western modern design, create and deliver to the world goods manufactured with the skill of Japanese craftsmen worthy of being called art. That is the essence of UNION's manufacturing. From now on we would like to exhibit as much as possible a rich creativeness and spirit of daringness toward pleasant encounters between humans and space within the concept of Artware.

president Junzo Tateno