Modern Classic Series
with sand texture.


The finish that retains the same texture as it did out of the sand mold.
This door handles bring to the fore the beauty that resides in primitive industrial technology.


A product made of enamel, which has a variety of ceramic-like textures, color schemes, and is used in high-class cast iron pots.
Conbination between metal and enamel, complement each other's materials.

Color Order
Glazed then fired, enameled metal plates is fitted into shaved solid aluminum grips.
Customization of grip (aluminum) finishes and colors is available, and enamel color is also changable by order.


  • Door Handle for the entrance.Excellent affordances design and gorgeous shape.

    We know that people psychologically behave in such a way that pull vertical grip and push horizontal grip. At the main entrance, where many people come and go, the affordance design of this door handle is highly effective. And, the powerful design that stretches vertically and horizontally makes the entrance a elegant.

  • Perfectionism of made by UNION.Inimitable craftsmanship.

    The most distinctive feature of this handle, and the reason for the handle's other name, Quattro-X, is the design of four crossed pipes of the same diameter. Here, very fine craftsmanship and the wisdom built up over Union's long history are woven together. No matter what handle appears in the future, the value of this handle will not be diminished.


Feel the texture
of genuine leather.
Made of intrecciato (braided leather fabric) from a historic Italian fabric manufacturer.
You can delight the texture that only genuine leather can produce.


Parts machined into the unevenness with a high degree of accuracy are meshing together beautifully for both strength and design. A fine hairline finish and dyed color, serenity texture handles.

In addition to changing textures such as Frost and Vibration, you can also change the color of the anodized aluminum or combine it with different materials to suit the interior scene.


Customization to fit the space

G1257, fluffy and rounded form, can be changed the material, texture and color easily like fashion item.
Not just one set for one door, but two or three sets combinations creates a scene like no other.

Prototyping with a metal 3D printer.

Due to the complex curvature of the G1257, the prototype was fabricated using a metal 3D printer.
In this case, we used stainless steel, but it is possible to output metals that are difficult to process, such as titanium.
The internal is trussed, so that even the smallest details can be reproduced, as long as we have 3D data.
By using these technologies, we considered how to retain a sense of grip without losing the plumpness.

  • ※We can also produce one-of-a-kind custom-made items with a metal 3D printer.
  • ※G1257 ready-made stainless steel products are manufactured using the lost wax process using mold.


This series has a perfectly lean form,
coated with a fine texture and dyed in deep colors.

A wide variety of middle size / semi-long size door pulls and lever handle items in three different finishes,
as well as the ability to order different sizes, different finishes and colors.


The series which with a deep colors.
The grooved grips are frosted and dyed color for a calming design.
Slate Grey can also be ordered in long sizes.


Warm and fine-quality product.

An elegant interior space is created by these two materials.

Door handles made of natural wood and brass hardware.
The warm grain of the wood is harmonized with the elegant and lightly finished brass.
By combining different materials, which is specialty of Union,
a sense of modern and elegant quality is accentuated.

Make your own combinations.

Coordinate finishes and materials

Combination of metal and different materials is one of Union's specialties, it is an essential element of ARTWARE.
In the same G1223 series, there is a combination of artificial marble and brass that is perfect for a luxurious and elegant space.
Why not coordinate your own design with a bespoke handle?


The different surfaces create a variety of expressions and a comfortable rhythm.
Multi-coloured is like a sculpture or an object.
Mat gray stands in a timeless and sophisticated space.
A design that combines the two elements of assertiveness and harmony expands the creation of space in an era of diversification.


  • Unleash the hidden glamorous of stainless steel

    The delicate and exquisite beauty of contemporary architectural spaces composed of glass and metal.

    UL1264, which is clad in interfering colors produced by chemically adjusting the thickness of the passive film that plays a role in the anti-corrosive function of stainless steel, fits precisely into such spaces.

  • What is interference color?

    This is a mysterious color created by the relationship between light and a transparent thin film.

    The surface of a CD and rainbow color of a soap bubble are also interference color.

    The surface of stainless steel is covered with a transparent oxide film that consists primarily of chromium. When the thickness of oxide film is adjusted in 1/10000mm units and beautiful colors appear on the surface of stainless steel due to light interference.

    Various colors can be created without adding colored components such as painting and dyeing.
    Depending on a viewing angle, the color varies subtly and it has an intriguing aspect that cannot be obtained from other methods.

    ※1μm is 1/1000 mm.


A beauty born of industrial.

Draw them one by one.
An expression of brilliance that can only be created by precision cutting.

The meticulously crafted detailed handle is reminiscent of an industrial product.
The spinning process, which creates a fine pattern of concentric circles, increases the sense of solidity and tactility and triggers the act of rotation.
The extremely narrowed lever is combined for a simple and sleek presence.

Beauty in harmony with smart space.

In today's world of smart devices, minimal and rounded design is used not only for products but also for architectural spaces in office and accommodation spaces.
There are lifestyles of people that are changing due to technology, but there are behaviors that never change.
The simple but detailed design, which blends with modules such as security devices, provides beauty for even the simplest of next generation spaces.


Like fit the last piece in.

Share the delight of creation.
With these thoughts,
TH2714 leaves the final piece to you.

  • ※Ready-made lineup is, Silver x Silver (TH-2754-15-021), Black x Silver (TH-2714-15-101), and Gold x Silver (TH-2714-15-001).
  • ※Please contact us if you prefer to create custom-made.

UNION - Instant mounting mechanism


Stronger and more beautiful.
Door handles are
entering a new era of instant mounting.

  • Easily and quickly installation

    Clicking handle through bolt, then just fix small screw by wrench.
    No tips are needed at all.
    We have developed a structure that is easy to install by itself.

  • Strong and loose-proof mechanism.

    Strength is more than 300kgf. Designed to resist loosening even after 800,000 times of opening and closing the door.



Durable and calm, soft to the touch feeling in a way that most typical white painting don't.
Unifort is made up of the gentleness of the Union.

Color and texture for minimalist spaces
Unifort is a material that has both.