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Union Co., Ltd.
Junzo Tateno
December 1958
JPY 95 Million
  • [Head Office]
    tel:+81-(0)6-6532-3188 fax:+81-(0)6-6533-3747

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  • [Osaka Office]
    tel:+81-(0)6-6532-3731 fax:+81-(0)6-6533-2293

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  • [Osaka Showroom]
    tel:+81-(0)6-6532-8920 fax:+81-(0)6-6533-0224

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  • [Tokyo Office]
    tel:+81-(0)3-3630-2811 fax:+81-(0)3-3630-2816

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  • [Tokyo Showroom]
    tel:+81-(0)3-6689-2980 fax:+81-(0)3-6689-2986

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  • [Nagoya Office/Nagoya Showroom]
    tel:+81-(0)52-363-5221 fax:+81-(0)52-363-5255

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    29/F, Tower 5, The Gateway, 15 Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Manufacture and sales of various architectural amenities and components
Main clients
Takenaka Corp., Shimizu Corp., Kajima Corp., Obayashi Corp., Taisei Corp., LIXIL Corp., Sankyo Tateyama Inc., Nisshin Steel, NSSMC Corp., Sojitz Corp., Sugita Ace Co.,Ltd., Sanwa Shutter Corp., YKK AP Inc., etc.
Main banks
Mizuho Bank,Ltd, BTMU, SMBC
Export to
U.S.A., China, EU, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India
  • 1946C.E.O. Ichiro Tateno founds TATENO ICHIRO Store under private management.
  • 1958Establishes UNION Corporation as a manufacturerspecializing in doors, in the Minami-ku area of Osaka city.
  • 1961Establishes the TOKYO SALES OFFICE in the Chiyoda-kuarea of Tokyo as a means of expanding business into theeastern (Kanto) region of Japan.
  • 1965Establishes the NAGOYA SALES OFFICE in the Higashi-kuarea of Nagoya city as a means of expanding business intothe central (Chubu) region of Japan.
  • 1968Establishes a related company, UNION DECORATIVEHARDWARE Corporation, in the Naniwa-ku area of Osaka.
  • 1972Relocates the head office to the Nishi-ku area of Osakaafter a new HEAD OFFICE building is completed there.
  • 1973Begins manufacturing CLOSET DOORS (and storage doors)and plans an expansion of the domestic market.
  • 1973Relocates the TOKYO SALES OFFICE to the Sumida-ku areaof Tokyo.
  • 1975Begins full production of aluminum-cast panels (CASTAL)with the introduction of the Process-Casting procedure.
  • 1978Establishes TOKYO SHOWROOM.
  • 1980Opportunity arises to expand into the foreign market;develops ties with a local company in Bangkok and opensa showroom there.
  • 1986Establishes HIGASHI OSAKA DELIVERY CENTER (area: 2300square meters).
  • 1987Relocates the TOKYO SALES OFFICE to a newly-constructedbuilding in the Koto-ku area of Tokyo.
  • 1987Establishes the OSAKA SHOWROOM in the Nishi-ku areaof Osaka.
  • 1989The new HEAD OFFICE annex is completed featuringa high-tech Conference Room and other facilities.
  • 1990Junzo Tateno becomes President.
  • 1991The status of the TOKYO SALES OFFICE is promoted toBRANCH OFFICE.
  • 1991Construction is completed on the new NAGOYA SALESOFFICE building in the Nakagawa-ku area of Nagoya.
    A Showroom is established in the building.
  • 1993Relocates the TOKYO SHOWROOM to the Minato-ku areaof Tokyo.
  • 1993Relocates the OSAKA SHOWROOM to the premises of theHEAD OFFICE.
  • 1994UNION Foundation For Ergodesign Culture founded.
  • 1999Establishes a related company, ATELIER UNION CORPORATION.
  • 2003Relocates the TOKYO SHOWROOM to the Chuo-ku areaof Tokyo.
  • 2004Established local subsidiary in China Jiangsu Wuxi City.
  • 2006Exhibited in Italy Milan Salone 2006.
  • 200850th anniversary.
  • 2011Relocates the UNION LOGISTICS CORPORATION to theNishi-Yodogawa-ku area of Osaka.
  • 2013Relocates the TOKYO SHOWROOM to the premises of theTOKYO SALES OFFICE.
  • 2013Honored with FY2013 Intellectual Property Achievement Award.
  • 2019Exhibited in Italy Milan Design Week 2019.